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CE 326 Mod 12.9b Triaxial Shear Test

CE 326 webcast on triaxial shear testing; Section 11.9
Muhammed Ajmal : It was an excellent presentation with to the point explanation with figures. Easy to understand the concept. Thank u soo much professor
nikos sidiropoulos : 13:21 - CU test, should the σ3 value at the consolidation stage be effective consolidated stress like in CD test at 11:53?
M3TALH3AD : Thank you so much for your simplified and on the point explanations. I tried a lot of text books but everything was a bit complicated, for me. Your voice is clear and slides are well made.
DHARAMASOTH MOUNIKA : Outstanding explaintion I'm really happy with thus vedio nd I learn very much about this topic
Sree Ram : This comment won't be enough to thank you unless and until I have personally thanked you.

CEEN 341 - Lecture 20 - Triaxial Shear Test

This lecture introduces the triaxial shear test. The consolidated-drained (CD) and consolidated-undrained (CU) tests are explained and demonstrated. The drained and undrained Mohr-Coulomb failure envelopes are introduced.

Critical Questions to Consider:

1) Why would we want to use a triaxial shear test instead of a direct shear test?

2) What is the difference between contraction and dilation during shear? What does contraction do with the fluid in the void space? What about dilation? What types of soils tend to exhibit contractive behavior? Dilative behavior?

3) What are the differences between the CD and the CU triaxial tests?

4) What is the difference between the drained and the undrained failure envelope?
Sung Ryoo : Sir, your videos are so easy to understand. Thank you.
christian wireko : The part about trying to "trick the soil" got me so hard...You are brilliant and funny. Thank you!
Rio Ananta Perangin-Angin : This is literally the best lecture on soil mechanics I've ever found. Well, I'm not grasping the whole stuff well, but I actually understand what's happening (especially what happen if the soil dilates or contracts). Thanks for sharing!
Gaurav Giri : Thank you sir for such an awesome lecture. It was very helpfull as well as easy to understand the concept behind the triaxial test.
soroosh nazari : That's awesome. i understand the whole concept very easily.

The Triaxial Test

An overview of a triaxial test in soil mechanics.
Jurgens Schoeman : Hi Phil, for this test, can the sample be disturbed ? And if so, would you not like to test the same density in the lab as it was within the field? Thanks
EMMANUEL DANSO ACQUAH : Hi Phil, please can you use real values to solve this, want to really get how you obtain the values from the test and how you obtain C and the angles in the coulomb equation.
Saul G : I work in a soil lab and I run Consolidated Undrained triaxials quite often. But I use a computer program to generate the strength parameters automatically, but I am trying to generate results by doing hand calcs and this video helps me understand things better. Thanks!!
Killswitch ali : people like you should be thanked for doing this however i wish you would have made a video on how to properly conduct the test
Leah Deverick : Has anyone ever said that you sound like Sir Brian Cox? :)




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