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Millennials Try Aeropostale in 2021 *it still exists?!*

Do you remember wearing Aeropostale?! We're going back to the past and trying AERO again! Next, watch as we round up halloween costumes from under $20 from WISH! ►►

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What We Wore!
Long Sleeve Seriously Soft Laced-Back Cropped Baby Tee -
Solid Cropped Sweater Vest -
‘90s Super High-Rise Straight Hemp Jean -
Premium Air ‘90s Mid-Rise Skater Jean -
Similar -
High-Rise Thermal Sleep Shorts -
Long Sleeve Thermal Cropped Sleep Henley -
Slouchy High-Rise Cinched Sweatpants -
Baggy High-Rise Cinched Sweatpants -
Seriously Soft Acid Wash Thermal Snap Cropped Tank -
Floral High-Waisted Notch Skirt -
Seriously Soft Seamless Notch-Neck Crop Top -
Floral Sweetheart Bustier Midi Dress -
Real Denim High-Rise Mini Skirt -
Flocked Rose Graphic Tee -
Seriously Soft High-Rise Crossover Leggings -
Seriously Soft Scoop-Neck Cropped Cami -
Plaid Flannel Buttoned Shirt Jacket -
Plaid High-Waisted Tennis Skirt -
Similar Cardigan -
Seriously Soft Cropped Bungee Cami -
High-Rise Seamless Leggings -

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#aeropostale #tryonhaul again!!

FTC Disclaimer: Clevver Style participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on products purchased through our links to retailer sites.
Clevver Style : Where should we shop next on our nostalgia clothing tour??
Victoria Chor : Aeropostale manager here!!! They are right, there are sales all the time. Things are always at least 50% off, so they prices they had listed are way higher than what they usually are! Like the denim skirt says $50 on the tag but they are actually $12. And side note, Jackie is the one saying it correctly.
Aunt Nit : You should do Old Navy and/or Rue 21 next!!
PattyMLS : Wow, Sinead’s shift from black to charcoal and slate almost gave me whiplash!
Cici Woods : I was the only kid in middle school without a shirt with "Aeropostale" written on the front and then in high school when it became cool to not wear branded things (like everyone, I was just trying to fit in an people are allowed to change their minds) and I jumped on the "I don't want to be a walking ad" trend, my mom roasted me for begging her for shirts with Aeropostale written on them. Like, gee, thanks, mom. I'm clearly not insecure enough about fitting in.

Ah, memories


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Cittrass AJ : Omg I love Aeropostale! One of my favorite stores to get clothes!
Peanut Lynn : Are their shorts the same sizing as American eagle c

Aero Spring 2022 Surf

Oneness is a new generation coming together to build a brighter, more inclusive future #ShareAero




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