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639 kHz - ČRo Dvojka (Czech Republic) to end MW service on 31/12/21

Just a reminder that ČRo Dvojka will be ending their MW service on 639 kHz \u0026 954 kHz at the end of 2021. Both frequencies are the best ones I can receive here in UK
Here we are receiving their 639 kHz frequency in the early hours of the morning.

Received in the UK on 15/12/21 @ 0529 hrs UTC with a XHDATA D-808 outdoors in the field.
Param Dxer : Hi my friend, it is sad to hear that Czech Republic will end both their frequencies on MW tomorrow. I am still in Oxford and can acknowledge on receiving 639 KHz, even RNE Radio Nacional but difficult to receive 954 KHz as Onda Cero is audible. Thanks for the heads up and wish you all the best for the New Year :) 73!
Andrey Mitin : 1 am 1 01 22 off radio station
Mad Radio DXer UK : Your welcome. Yes it is sad that more stations are leaving MW. I received Turkey on 954 kHz a week ago, so it may be easier to receive them once the Czech broadcaster leaves. 73s & all the best to you & the family for the new year.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - 4K Ultra Widescreen 32:9 (2080ti Sli + Samsung 49" CHG90)

My Machine:

Intel i9 7900X@ 4.8 - 10 cores @ 20 tread CPU
AORUS X299 - GAMING-9 (X299)
32gb gskill@3333mhz-DDR4
2X 1080Ti Sli @ 2062mhz @6000mhz
Main drive - samsung 960 evo 500gb
1.8 TB SSD - for games
alot of HDD
All Cooled by My custom loop
corsair 1500i

Monitors i use:
49" CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor Super Ultra Wide 32:9 (Main Monitor)
34 inch LG 21:9 Monitor 3440X1440 ultrawide
BenQ - BL2711U 27 4K
Benq Rl2455hm
Lg 70UF772V - 4k TV
Samsung samsung chg90 -49 inch
All my videos on youtube are 1080P 60fps or 4k 60fps
8K and up can be record but are not a standard on the channel

I use Nvidia Shadow Play for recording on max settings
For Live Stream i use OBS on best MAx quality settings (please Note that OBS takes way 15 to 25 FPS when doing a Stream)


(when resolution above the monitor is in the description of the video i use DSR or the in game scaller after performing multiple testing on a 4k monitor the performance is the same using DSR or in game scaller when available Also use a 4k native monitor )

My Main resolution for recording is 3840X1080 on a 32:9 aspect ratio
Follow me on twiter:
Discord -
twiter :
Facebook -
Donations :
5% DESCONTO NA KINGuin / 5% off at kinguin
Rosis : well, can you re-upload the video (4k DSR on CHG90) with a single Rtx 2080ti...

it would be much appreciated.. pls
KrypCaine : Which Sound Potions? Sound is amazing
dwenouh : Do you call it an upgrade if i go from an AOC 32 inch monitor with 165Hz to This monitor? Thanks!
max : that was some seriously bad gameplay lol
Benneification : Yeah that's not what 4k means...

MTD Spotlight; Muratec MW-40 automated lathe - exclusively from Matsuura UK

Why add third party automation to a stand-alone turning centre?

The Muratec MW range, available exclusively from Matsuura UK, offers integrated automation as standard with a load / unload time from 2.5 seconds.

Paul Jones puts the MW-40 turning centre under the spotlight to show why Muratec’s cost effective integrated automation is essential for companies requiring more flexible unmanned production hours and reduced operator dependency, rather than adding third party Cobot/Robot “Bolt-On” automation to a stand-alone lathe.

The MW range offers a proven and reliable automated CNC turning solution for low volume high variety or high volume production. The fact that globally more automotive components are produced on Murata MW lathes than any other brand offers potential customers the reassurance of many years of reliable automated manufacturing.

Muratec UK stock machines are available for viewing at their Covid Secure Leicestershire showroom.

Call Matsuura on 01530 511400 for more information.

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