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Ozzy Osbourne - A.V.H. (Official Audio)

"A.V.H." by Ozzy Osbourne
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I get up and I get down
I don't know how to take it
All the pain makes me scream and shout
I wonder if I'll make it
I love the feeling when the magic is just right
There's no revealing what is hidden in the night
Riding on a train that I can't control
No one else to blame and I can't let go
In the darkness I can feel
The things that makes me crazy
Hands of madness cold as steel
I find it quite amazing
Never forsaking what a dreamer needs to know
Rules meant for breaking and the seeds I have to sow
Riding on a train that I can't control
No one else to blame and I can't let go
It's calling me [x4]
I'm riding on a train that I can't control
See no evil, fear no fright
Never lose the living
Keep the targets in your sight
Know the cards you're dealing
Never forsaking what a dreamer needs to know
Rules meant for breaking and I got to let, I got to it go

#OzzyOsbourne #AVH #OfficialAudio

Diane Broude : This has more of a 90s rock sound but there's no denying OZZY'S voice. There's only one OZZY OSBOURNE!!!
Primitive In The Extreme : The penultimate song on the album, another great song, to be sung and listened to at full volume. Riding on a train that I can't control, no one else to blame and I can't let go!
Slade Vader : One of the finest songs on this album, often overlooked, but deserves more praise.. Maybe it needed a better title? Zakk's shredding is so melodic and powerful here.
അസ്ലിൻ☨⸸⃨ : Love Ozzy ❤️
Daniels Donuts : Donuts!

Pioneer AVH-221EX - Full Review and Power Testing!

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Alex Sinclair : As soon as I saw the test equipment in the test, I subbed to the channel. This is LEGIT
120badbubba : Wow, test equipment being used. Excellent!
Justin Connor : I'm debating between this, MVH-S622BS, and DDX376BT. Part of me wants a touch screen and part of me doesn't think I need it. I really am only looking to upgrade radio for sound and spotify controls which the MVH-S622BS would do even though not touch screen. What are your thoughts. One is 199.00 the other is 114.00
Raghav Sharma : Hey sir, big fan can you please help me out with the exact dimensions required for a ported enclosure for 2 pionner TS- W307D4 tuned at 35hz to be fitted in hayundai i20 2019 ?
Central Coast Corolla Project : Would be nice to see a tutorial on connecting all RCA Jack's on back, which I have never used.

Pioneer AVH X2800BS Overview

sienarot : Thank you for this detailed and informative video! Most of the electronic stores here like Best Buy no longer carry car audio in-store so this really helps.
8Bit Time Traveler : I was skeptical about the responding time of this device when I watched this video but I just installed it in my car and tested it for over an hour. I have tested the radio, my USB key with many songs and movies on it, Spotify, the phone and microphone that is included in the kit ( I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 4 with Android) and the rear camera I additionally bought. I'v also tested AppRadioMode and AppRadioLive a bit. I'm super impressed with this shit!!! This video is kind of old. Pioneer has probably updated the firmware of this radio because now the reaction time is much faster than what we see in this clip. It's not absolutely quick but the speed is very decent. For example, when I put the shifter on R (reverse), the screen becomes black during half a second before the view from the rear camera appears. About the quality of the sound, this thing is A BEAST!!! I don't want to boast or anything but the quality of the speakers of my Lexus ES300 99 are unbelievable. I would never be able to increase the volume of a grungy Nirvana song over 60%/70% otherwise people would call the cops cuz it's too loud. The quality of the sound is sick! In overall the Pioneer AVH X2800BS is A MUST!!! It's very impressive.
Texasredfish : Very informative, Thank you!
entrenimiento usa Exclusivotv : thank you for this video it helped me out with my new radio ... very useful
Richard Lee Cabrera Jr. : thank u for the video. I've already followed 2 or 3 other videos which led me to a dead end. hopefully now I will be able to connect my new head unit with my Galaxy S7 edge threw your video which seemed to be more informative.




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