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CS304 Short Lecture - 01 | VU Short Lecture | Introduction in (Urdu / Hindi)

This is our first video for the course of Object-Oriented Programming. This course is basically advance course of Introduction to programming. The said course of Introduction to programing is also available on the same channel. In our first class we have learn about what is OOP? And why we study this subject. I hope you enjoy this course on Object Oriented Programming.

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Rizwan aslam khan : sir ap ne CS301 aur 302 ke lecture nhi bany lakin ma pr b 3 books ap ke lecture le kr par raha hu 601 304 aur mgt301 plz sir in books ke lecture jaldi se bana dena sir G plz plz plz
Rizwan aslam khan : Sir ap ke siwa kese ke samaj nhi aty sir G
Rizwan aslam khan : sir is ke lecture jaldi se bana dena plz Q ke Cs201 ke b pore nhi howe te paper a gy te plz sir g'
Ahsan Raza : great sir g
Aiza Butt : Thaku Soooo much.. MaShaAllah keep it up

CS304 Assignment No1 Solution Guideline Spring 2021 | How to create Class Model

CS304 Assignment No1 Solution Guideline Spring 2021 | How to create Class Model. Students are given a scenario and asked to identify objects classes and then to draw a class diagram , object model with association nd relationships. In this video tutorial I will provide you complete guideline and demonstrate how to create the Class diagram and how to identify object and classes and then attributes and functions of the objects. #CS304 #Spring2021 #CS304Assignment #classdiagram #oop #objectmodel
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CS304 Short Lecture 6 and 7 with Assignment Solution help

How to draw Class Diagram .

CS304 Assignment 1 - Spring 2021 -
Due to Ramadan, your nearby community wants to launch an “Online Grocery Store” so that, people can purchase groceries from home and able to maintain social distance. This precaution will allow reducing the movement of people in Ramadan and minimize the spread of disease COVID-19. The XYZ store will offer various products. The user will be shown a list of products, which can be selected or deselected from the provided list. The user will need to get registered to buy Products. At the end of shopping, the customer can double-check all the Products added into his Cart and verify the total amount before payment. The Store Administrator will manage Products and assign orders to Delivery Boys.
Draw an Object Model (Class Diagram) for the given scenario showing main objects, their attributes, functions and relationships.
The tasks you have to do are:
1. Extract the main objects (entities) of above system.
• Products
• Users
• Customers
• Administrators
• Cart
• Payment
• Order
2. Find the necessary attributes and functions that need to be associated with each object.
Object consists of states and behaviors
Product (prodid, prodname, prodtype, price, qty, desc, | setid(), getid(),selectioprod(),addprod(), delprod(), updateprod(), showprod())

3. Identify the relationships among identified objects.
4. Construct a final comprehensive Class diagram showing all objects and their relationships along with their attributes and functions.
Important things to consider:

1. As happens in real world that everyone visualizes a problem in a different way so the solutions of all students may vary based upon their own thinking.
2. You have to use standard UML notations for objects, classes, and their associations.
Besides problem statement; objects, properties, and functions of a system can also be extracted from domain knowledge.

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RDX : very good work sir
mubeen mughal : Mashallah...Buhat Khoob Sir G...SIr CS301 ki Assignment k barey mein guide kar deyn...Pleaes
manar ali : Great video. Thanks for the video
Jammat Ahlyhadees : sir kindly guide me microsoft visio kahan sy mily ga koi link plzz
BEAUTY OF PAKISTAN with MT : Sir kiya yh diagram hum word ma b bna sktay hain

CS304 Lecture23

Course Name: CS304
CS304 Object Oriented Programming
If you found low quality open setting and select quality to 480p.
BY "VU Lectures"
Iftikhar Makhdoom : Best teacher . Sir ap ki tèrha kisi ny abhi tak oop ko explain nai kka.
Iftikhar Makhdoom : You are my favorite teacher . Lot of respect and prayers for you .
Masood Ahmad Lone : Best lecture for inharitance
Afia Shamshad : u r the best teacher
Ertugrul the warrior : finally a good teacher




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